In order to keep the auctions fair to everyone, we have implemented Auction Extension functionality.

How Auction Extensions work

If a bid is received for a lot within the last 2 minutes, the auction end time will increase by 2 minutes.

If a further bid is received in the extra 2 minutes, a further 2 minute extension will be added.

If a bid is received in the second 2 minute extension the lot will go into Extra Time.

Extra Time extends the auction end time by a random number of minutes, up to 30 minutes. The countdown timer in the lot will change to show Extra Time and will not display the time remaining.

When a lot is in Extra Time, you may still place bids, but you will not know how much time remains on the lot.  When the Extra Time runs out, you will see the normal Won/Lost messaging.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us.

Auction Extension