Over the last few weeks, we introduced you to a new way for to optimize the selling of excess cell phone inventory. As you know, the secondary market for mobile devices is growing exponentially. Every day, millions of dollars of product are liquidated, and each year, upwards of $25B is spent by buyers worldwide on returned, overstock and traded-in devices and accessories.

Today, the antiquated use of spreadsheet manifests and traditional online auction sites cause lengthy and time-consuming turnaround times as well as requiring you to have headcount to manage them. What’s worse, is you don’t even get access to any data-driven analytics to help you create optimum lots. These methods prevent US-based sellers from reaching an international buyer base who are willing to pay more for your valuable devices.

CPBids is reinventing the way businesses just like yours liquidate cell phones by launching the first app-based B2B auction marketplace exclusively for the mobile industry!

Now can quickly move product to the right buyers, at the best price and get paid in a matter of days, not weeks. CPBids combines seller controls and business compliance with the benefits of a live auction, all driven by our deep analytics to create optimum auction lot strategies.

🌏 Sell Direct to International Buyers – Cut out needless liquidation brokers and middlemen and deal directly with global buyers who can pay the most.

📱 Use Cutting-Edge Auction Technologies – Leverage daily app-based auctions and logical lot creation tools (powered by AI and complex analytics) to get the best price for your lots.

👍 Reduce Risk for Your Business – Maintain full ownership, remain anonymous to bidders, take advantage of our ‘flash sale’ process, and get guaranteed payment within 48 hrs. of the auction close.

Start finding the right buyers to get the highest price today.  If reaching the right global buyers resonates with your current business needs, we should schedule a time to speak. We’re helping businesses of all sizes increase recovery value through an innovative and effortless liquidation process so you can get paid (even quicker!)

If still you use Excel spreadsheets or outdated B2B online auction sites, you’re missing out on higher prices
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