Increase Visibility with CPBids Market Insights

Your business has been liquidating with a blind spot for too long.  While you may have relied on antiquated processes, such as traditional live auctions or web-based auction sites, to sell bulk mobile

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phones and accessories at scale, the market for pre-owned mobile devices has grown to $25B worldwide.  Without a B2B auction platform to fully-harvest the vast wealth of bidding history, or unlock aggregated category-level product data across the market, your business will always be leaving money on the table.

Game-Changing Insights to Sell Mobile Phones at the Highest Prices

Powered by AI and comprehensive marketplace data sets, CPBids Market Insights is defining the modern seller’s need for an analytics tool that tracks hundreds of products, across a variety of markets in near real-time.  Now data-minded inventory owners have the ability to create optimum lots based on historical bidding data and market trends that yield the highest prices.

Historical Bidding & Marketplace Data

Chart supply and demand data over time with data-points that are critical to establish predictable, reliable and on-going recovery margins.  Identify market trends and take actionable-insights that get the highest prices for your cell phones, phone parts and LCDs.

Category-level Data by Brand & Model

Drill-down on pricing trends for hundreds of products by category, grade and model. CPBids sellers who utilize the marketplace analytics tool won’t be able to imagine liquidating again without this meaningful data!

Now Available: CPBids Market Insights Exclusively to Our Sellers

Businesses that sign-up to be a CPBids Seller will gain access to exclusive market data to ensure predictable and reliable recovery margins when compared to live auctions or online auction sites.  Make intelligent data-driven decisions with CPBids Market Insights that reach more buyers and maximize selling prices on an on-going basis by:

A/B Testing
Lot Variables

Boost profit margins by testing lot variables,
including lot size, reserve price, product mix,
auction duration, as well as location.

Sort Product Lots
to Precise Demand

Reach more potential buyers by sorting lots
to market demand based on volume growth
and average lot size over the past 30-, 60- or 90-days.

Active Marketing
to Buyers of All Sizes

Target the right buyers willing to spend the
most based on historical bidding and buying
trends, including brand- and grade-preferences.

  • What our Sellers say

    Since using CPBids, we've been able to reach a new set of buyers. And by using the CPBids data to build optimum product lots, our prices have also increased.

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